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"Parallel Processing (Parallelverarbeitung)" (Lecture + Lab)    Winter 2019/20

  • Basics of parallel computer architecture, principles and practice of parallel programming
  • Focus: Programming with OpenMP and MPI
  • Requirements: Algorithms and Data Structures, Objekt oriented and functional Programming, Operating Systems I
  • Details: see the module description in the module handbook (in German)
  • Examination: oral (in German or in English); admission to the examination requires the successful participation in the lab
  • Link to further information in unisono (date/time etc.): Lecture, Lab



You can find old slides in German (from WiSe 15/16! here: original size, 2-on-1.


Starting from Winter Term 2020/21, the examination will be a written exam (1 hour)!
Ab Wintersemester 2020/21 wird die Prüfung als einstündige Klausur durchgeführt!

In collaboration with the Chair of Fluid Mechanics, we are offering Bachelor and Master theses in the area of high performance / parallel computing. See this page for more details.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the permission for taking the exam, you MUST register for the practical exercises in unisono ("822120-SL - Parallelverarbeitung", see this screen dump). You must do this now (on Jan. 24th the latest) even if you want to take the exam in a later semester!


Please note the course's time table (lecture and lab hours) in the slides of chapter "0. Organisation" (see below). The lecture will take place on Mondays in room H-F 001 and on Thursdays in room H-B 4419/20. The lab hours take place in room H-A 4111!

In order to get access to the lab room H-A 4111 please fill in the form "Kartenschlüsselantrag" (on the computer!), obtain my signature on it in my secretary (H-B 8403, in the morning) and return it to Mr. Kiel (AR-P 209).
In the first lab hour, you receive an account for the PCs in the lab room H-A 4111. Therefore, you have to accept the Terms of usage for the lab. Please read this document!

Start of the lecture: 07.10.2019; Start of the Lab: 10.10.2019.

Course Materials


Exercise sheet Date of issue Deadline Exercise sheet/code

1 17.10.

2 11.11.

3 02.12.

4 06.01.

General Literature

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Sample codes