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"Parallel Processing (Parallelverarbeitung)" (Lecture + Lab)    Winter 2021/22

  • Basics of parallel computer architecture, principles and practice of parallel programming
  • Focus: Programming with OpenMP and MPI
  • Requirements: Algorithms and Data Structures, Objekt oriented and functional Programming, Operating Systems I
  • Details: see the module description in the module handbook (in German, in English)
  • Examination: oral (in German or in English); admission to the examination requires the successful participation in the lab
  • Link to further information in unisono (date/time etc.): Lecture, Lab


The exam will presumably take place on Tuesday, February 15th, 2022, at 15:00. Duration will be 60 minutes. The exam will be conducted electronically.

Due to the decision of the Rectorate, there will be no classroom teaching during the week of 20-24 December. Please use the corresponding lecture recordings in the moodle course during this week.

We are looking for a student research assistant (8-10h/week) for programming tasks (realization of a HTML5-based visualization for internal processes within a middleware for measurement systems). Experience with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and SQL is advantageous. If you are interested, please contact Prof. Wismüller!

Starting this winter term, the examination will be a written examination (duration 60 minutes).

In WiSe 21/22, the course will take place in presence. However, if you are not able to attend the course physically, you can also do it remotely. Screen casts of the lectures are provided via moodle. The lab assignments can and should also be submitted via moodle.

The practical programming exercises should be done using a Linux operating system. However, most exercises can also be done in a Windows environment. You can find some technical information about this here.

You can find old slides in German (from WiSe 15/16! here: original size, 2-on-1.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the permission for taking the exam, you MUST register for the practical exercises in unisono (for Exam Regulations 2012: "822120-SL - Parallelverarbeitung", see this screen dump; for Exam Regulations 2021: "4INFMA024-SL1 - Studienleistung Parallelverarbeitung", see this screen dump). You must do this in this semester even if you want to take the exam in a later semester!

Start of the lecture: 11.10.2021; Start of the Lab: 12.10.2021 (lecture!)

Course Materials


Exercise sheet Date of issue Deadline Exercise sheet/code

1 08.11.
Exercise sheet, Code

2 22.11.
Exercise sheet, Code

3 13.12.

4 10.01.

General Literature

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Sample codes