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DBPVM is a graphical console for PVM providing debugging support[Per95]. Besides the console window there is a monitor window showing the hosts of the virtual machine, the tasks on each host together with its state (active or exited) and creation and termination events.

A configuration file allows to specify the tasks that have to be debugged. When one of these tasks is spawned, a standard sequential debugger (dbx or gdb) is started for this task. DBPVM provides a debugger window interfacing to multiple debuggers that allows to alternately view the output of one debugger and forward textual commands to it. It is also possible to broadcast commands to all debuggers controlled by the window. In addition, the debugger window can display a trace of PVM calls for a selected task, however, this feature requires the application's source code to be modified, similar to Xab.

Thomas Ludwig, Roland Wismüller, Arndt Bode
Thu Mar 30 09:58:32 MESZ 1995