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Project Status and Availability

Obviously, an ambitious tool environment cannot be designed and implemented within some few months as there are many aspects and interdependencies that have to be checked carefully. However, we are quite optimistic to have several parts finished by end of 1995.

Currently we are implementing THE VISUALIZER, THE PARALLEL FILE SYSTEM, and THE CHECKPOINT GENERATOR. As the monitoring system is not yet implemented THE VISUALIZER will preliminaryly be based upon traces generated by PVM and XPVM. We have not yet decided whether we will also provide a version of THE PERFORMANCE ANALYZER for this trace type.

The next important step to be made is the implementation of the monitoring system which is a prerequisite to all interactive tools and to THE LOAD BALANCER. With the monitor being finished we will adapt existing tools to our instrumented PVM environment. First products should be available for the users in spring 1996. They will be fully functional but will not yet have integrated enhanced features which are current research topics of our group.

With all tools being available we will use THE TOOL-SET for both scientific application programming as well as performing research on interactive and automatic tools for parallel programming.

Thomas Ludwig, Roland Wismüller, Arndt Bode
Thu Mar 30 09:58:32 MESZ 1995