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Lecture "Parallel Computing (Parallelverarbeitung)"

  • Basics of parallel computer architecture, principles and practice of parallel programming
  • Focus: Programming with OpenMP and MPI
  • Requirements: Algorithms and Data Structures, Objekt oriented and functional Programming, Operating Systems I
  • Details: see the module description for the lecture (in German)
  • Examination: oral (in German or in English); admission to the examination requires the successful participation in the lab



On Thursday, Feb. 1st, the Tutor will be available from 14:00 to 18:00 in room H-A 4111.


Before you start MPI programs, issue the command ssh-add. This saves you from typing your passphrase multiple times.


There was an error in the Procedure Write_Matrix in heat.cpp of exercise sheet 4: the i-loops must be  the outer loop, the j-loop the inner one (the error has been corrected today).


Please note the course's time table (lecture and lab hours) in the slides of chapter "0. Organisation" (see below). The lecture will take place on Mondays in room H-F 001 and on Thursdays in room H-F 014/15. The lab hours take place in room H-A 4111!

In order to get access to the lab room H-A 4111 please fill in the form "Kartenschlüsselantrag" (on the computer!, alternative location here), obtain my signature on it in my secretary (H-B 8403, in the morning) and return it to Mr. Kiel (AR-P 209).
In the first lab hour, you receive an account for the PCs in the lab room H-A 4111. Therefore, you have to accept the Terms of usage for the lab. Please read this document!

Start of the lecture: 09.10.2017; Start of the Lab: see the 'Organisation' slides!

Course Materials


Exercise sheet Date of issue Deadline Exercise sheet/code

1 27.10.
Exercise sheet, Code

2 09.11.
Exercise sheet, Code

3 07.12.
Exercise sheet, Code

4 11.01.
Exercise sheet, Code

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Sample codes