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Katalog der UB Siegen

Recognition of Academic Credits for "Introduction to Programming"

Under certain conditions, it is possible to recognize already achieved academic credits for the lecture "Introduction to Programming". In this case, there is no need any more to attend the lecture at Univ. of Siegen.

The conditions for recognition are:
  1. You already attended a lecture on object oriented programming (including laboratory) during your Bachelor studies.
  2. The successful participation is certified in the trascript of records of your previous university.
  3. You successfully take part in a special examination at Univ. of Siegen.
If you fulfill conditions 1 and 2, please register with Prof. Wismüller (Room H-B 8403 or H-B 8404) for the special examination. The purpose of this examination is to determine whether the skills you have gained during your Bachelor studies are sufficient and comparable to the contents of the lecture "Introduction to Programming". The examination will last for one hour, it will be an written, open-books exam, i.e., you can use all kind of written materials you like. To get an idea of the kind of skills required, you may look at the end-term exam of the lecture, which you can find here (together with a solution).
Note that the purpose of this examination is just to check the comparability between the courses you have attended with the lecture "Introduction to Programming". Thus, the grade you will get does not depend on the result of this examination. You just need to pass this examination. Your grade will then be based solely on the grade in your Bachelor certificate.

Examinations will be offered twice a year (on request; please contact Prof. Wismüller).