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Lecture "Introduction to Programming"

  • Introductory course on the basic concepts of computer programming with a focus on object oriented programming using C++. Includes practical exercises.
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Details: see description in the module catalogue.

Important informations and announcements


The written examination is on 7th SEPTEMBER at 10:15 (sharp!). Room PB-C 101.

at 2 p.m.

The registration for the exam on 7th September is CLOSED! All students that registered for the exam on 7th September will receive a confirmation email. I expect that everyone else will attend the exam on 27th July !


The written examination is on 27.07 (Thursday) at 8:30 (sharp!) in room H-C 3305.

The next examination will be scheduled for 7th SEPTEMBER at 10:15. Room will be published on the website.


Please send your assignments in time and to required email address!


The lecture starts on Thursday, the 20th April, at 8:30 in H-F 114.


The lab groups are taken place on Thursday and Friday in Room H-A 4111 (Computer Lab) starting on 27th April.


Please register yourself in LSF for the lab group (until 15th April).

In the first lab hour, you will receive an account for the PCs in the Room H-A 4111. For this, you must accept the Terms of use of the lab room.

To get a key card for access the lab download the here (pdf). You will get instructions how to fill in the form during the first lecture. Note: Unfortunately, the form is not visible on the Linux computer (not existing plugin for that distribution), please save the file and open it using masterpdfeditor4 program. Otherwise, fill in the form using a browser running on a windows machine.

If you already did a comparable course in your previous studies, which you want to have recognized, please contact Prof. Wismüller before April, 18th!

You can download a Unix-Intro sheet here (pdf).

Lecture slides

Source Codes from the lecture:

Example programs from Chapter 1: hello.cpp, add.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 3: nestedIf1.cpp, nestedIf2.cpp, Operators.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 4: example.cpp, modules.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 5: primes.cpp, Loops.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 6: arrays.cpp chapter6.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 7: chapter7.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 8: chapter8.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 9: chapter9.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 10: chapter10.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 11: chapter11.tgz

Programming assignments

Due date

1 --
Unix commands
(8th April)
Exercise sheet 1

2 17.05 (25th April)
Exercise sheet 2

3 31.05 (17th May)
Exercise sheet 3

4 14.06 (31th May)
Exercise sheet 4

5 5.07
(14th June)
Exercise sheet 5

6 19.07
(5th July)
Exercise sheet 6

Write me an email if you want a project task!


Discussion on assignments (Short talks)


  • J. Liberty. Teach Yourself C++ in 10 Minutes. Sams Publishing, 1999 (or 2nd edition, 2002)
    The university library (building Hölderlinstr.) has a number of copies of the 1st edition available.
    Pearson Studium offers a special discount on the 2nd edition for students in this class. You can either go to the Mankelmuth book store or visit this link for an online order.
  • For further reading on C++ beyond the scope of this class, you may want to check out the following online book: Bruce Eckel: Thinking in C++
  • To learn more about pointers you should take a look at http://cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/pointers.html. You will find there also tutorials covering other topics of C++-programming.