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Lecture "Introduction to Programming"

  • Introductory course on the basic concepts of computer programming with a focus on object oriented programming using C++. Includes practical exercises.
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Details: see description in the module catalogue.

Important informations and announcements


The EXAM is taking place on Tuesday, the 26th July, at 10:00 in Room PB-C 101.

Please give the chip key applications in the lecture or labor!


The lecture starts on Thursday, the 14th April, at 8:30 in H-F 114.


The lab groups are taken place on Thursday and Friday in Room H-A 4111 (Computer Lab) starting on 21 April.

In the first lab hour, you will receive an account for the PCs in the Room H-A 4111. For this, you must accept the Terms of use of the lab room.

To get a key card for access the lab download the form here (pdf). You will get instructions how to fill in the form during the first lecture.

If you already did a comparable course in your previous studies, which you want to have recognized, please contact Prof. Wismüller before April, 18th!

You can download a Unix-Intro sheet here(pdf).

Lecture slides

Source Codes from the lecture:

Example programs from Chapter 1: hello.cpp, add.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 3: nestedIf1.cpp, nestedIf2.cpp, Operators.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 4: example.cpp, modules.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 5: primes.cpp, Loops.cpp

Example programs from Chapter 6: arrays.cpp chapter6.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 7: chapter7.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 8: chapter8.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 9: chapter9.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 10: chapter10.tgz

Example programs from Chapter 11: chapter11.tgz

Programming assignments

Due date

1 --
Unix commands
(8th April)
Exercise sheet 1

2 11.05 (20th April)
Exercise sheet 2

3 25.05
(11th May)
Exercise sheet 3

4 8.06/11.06
(25th May)
Exercise sheet 4

5 22.06
(8th June)
Exercise sheet 5

6 6.07
until 13.07
(22th June)
Exercise sheet 6

Project work 20.07.
(5th July)
Project code


Discussion on assignments (Short talks)


  • J. Liberty. Teach Yourself C++ in 10 Minutes. Sams Publishing, 1999 (or 2nd edition, 2002)
    The university library (building Hölderlinstr.) has a number of copies of the 1st edition available.
    Pearson Studium offers a special discount on the 2nd edition for students in this class. You can either go to the Mankelmuth book store or visit this link for an online order.
  • For further reading on C++ beyond the scope of this class, you may want to check out the following online book: Bruce Eckel: Thinking in C++
  • To learn more about pointers you should take a look at http://cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/pointers.html. You will find there also tutorials covering other topics of C++-programming.